Isle of Wight Experience offers activities and school visits to a range of different places both on the Isle of Wight and on the South Coast. From wildlife parks to boat cruises, there is so many options to choose from.



Select here to view a extensive collection of venues for your choice of visit.


1: Pre Romans

2: Romans

3: Medieval

4: Tudors

5: Stuarts

6: Georgians

7: Victorians

8: 20th Century

9: Defence

10: World Wars

11: Children

12: Transport

13: Domestic Homes

14: Smuggling

15: Work/Agriculture

16: Evidence/Archaeology  17: Local History

18: Other Topics

19: Change & continuity


A: Art

AH: Agriculture/Horticulture

DT: Design/Technology

M: Maths

EVS: Environmental Studies

G: Geography

IWL: Imaginative Writing, Literature

SCI: Science,

PA: Physical Activity

W: Wildlife & Animals


                                                  Isle of Wight Experience, Copper Beech, Seagrove Drive, Sandown, Isle of Wight PO36 9AB